Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fiona, The Great

The morning woke me to face a destruction I wasn't use to.  As the sun peaked its head out from behind the clouds, I caught a smirk cross your beautiful face. It is the same soft voice that whispers good morning that also soothes me to sleep while windows shake. I toss and turn until you pull me into you.
My heart is heavy with your love. The saturation is so deep that there are times, when the moon is hanging low against the night, that I am stricken with the severity of just how I feel. I watch you sleep and want to know what you dream and what you fear. I want to know your stream of consciousness as you think it. It scares me how intensely I want to know you.
I find myself lost inside your gaze; the way time passes overcomes me so suddenly that I am left wondering if all of this is really happening. You are gone before I can truly apperciate the time we spend together. When you leave, I wonder if you feel the same torment I do.
I’m trying to figure out this path we are heading down. It is obvious that I am already well on my way into the darkness of the woods. The questions that I twirl around meet me at the next mile marker but instead of stopping to face them, I let branches pull me into you. 

I am scared now that the sun has set but you promise to guide me out safely. The road is closed but I continue down it; in the end this blame will be mine to bear.

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  1. You're a very good writer, thanks for sharing that.