Monday, June 4, 2012

Sand Dunes

You take a week to run away from the universe & what it is trying to tell you.
You pack what later is not described as 'lightly' and try to escape this reality that you craved.
You run back in time only to realize that everyone has continued on. 
You look for people who know you best & they are there, right where you need them. 
They are saying things you need to hear. 

You escape to less.
Less movement, less scheduling, less clothing that leads to less sweating. 
You look out to a haze of thick air ahead of you and nothing seems focused.
You accept the film that has taken over your perception.

You are calm in yellow peep toe flats and long blue halter dresses. 
Your hair is long this year, your reflection looks drawn but peaceful.
All the heaviness disappears when the wind blows picks up your curls.
Everything feels disconnected, but know you are whole. 

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  1. suddenly i am bombarded with posts from you?! i love it... write more. (arent we always saying this?)